Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our New Addition

It was an exciting weekend around our house. For the past while, Goliath has been working above and beyond the regular list of household duties, taking on several jobs that used to belong to his dad. They include taking out the trash, vacuuming the toy room, and cleaning up after the dog outside. (I graciously offered some "mom jobs" i.e. dishes, laundry, packing school lunches...but somehow I'm still doing all those myself!) He has been collecting a modest allowance, which he was saving to get a pet. He REALLY wanted a pet of his very own, so we agreed that if he could pay for it, he could have it. We did not anticipate that he would save so much money so quickly!

Anyway, Saturday was the day. There were some limitations to what sort of pet he could choose: no dogs (we have one), no cats (don't like 'em), and nothing slimy/reptilian/beady-eyed/bug-eating (icky). Hubby was reminding him of Mommy's pet rules as they were leaving for the pet store, and I heard him come back in calling for me. "Mommy, what kind of pet do you like?" he asked. "Well, I guess I would like something cute and furry," I said. "Then that's what I'll get because I love you, Mom!" Awww.

An hour later, they're back with a guinea pig. My brother and I both had guinea pigs when we were kids, so that was great with me. Goliath named his new friend Lenny ("Wonder Pets" anyone?). Lenny is all black except for one white front leg. He is cute, and Goliath adores him. We set up the cage in his bedroom, and Goliath has been taking good care of him. Lenny chews on stuff, plays with his toys, eats lots of carrots, and is gradually making himself at home in his new home. So far, the only problem has been Baby discovering that he can climb on a chair and open Lenny's cage. We will be making a trip to the hardware store this week to buy a lock!

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