Friday, October 11, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Tenth Edition

*You know that feeling you get when you work really hard to make your husband's favorite cookies and then the dog helps himself?  Me too.

*The comma key fell off of my keyboard on my laptop.  It is gonna be a problem for sure:  
Dear Hubby Could you please stop by the store after work?  We need milk bread bananas soup cereal coffee mayonnaise pepper waffles chips and ice cream.  

*Goliath is having an adventure today!  Later this morning he is flying to Houston for a fun weekend with Poppy and Nana...all by himself.  This is a first for our family, and a BIG deal for my boy who might be a little afraid of airplanes.

*My family has all sorts of fun things planned for Goliath.  First on the list: Nephew & Nana camp at Uncle Phil's.  Goliath and Uncle Phil are going to cook a special dinner together.  

*Speaking of my brother, he is going to be a daddy very soon.  My nephew, Truett Neal, is growing perfectly and running out of room in his mommy's tummy!  Come on, Truett!

*Hubby's sister is also expecting her first baby.  I love being an Auntie!!!

*Little Middle is now taking jiu jitsu classes with Goliath.  We have been surprised to find that he really enjoys it!  I'm thinking that it feels good to him to be able to punch and wrestle someone without getting in trouble.

*I am simply stunned that our federal government shut down, and can't manage to pull it together to resume operations.  The USA looks terrible on the world stage right now...its embarrassing.  And, every time I think about all those hard-working government employees who had their paychecks yanked away from them, it makes my blood boil.  And I won't even go into the slap in the face that this is to our military servants and their families.  The greatest country in the world isn't that great these days.  

*George H.W. Bush is getting more adorable in his old age.  There's something about his wheelchair and his outrageous colored socks that makes me smile.

*Goliath has started bringing his euphonium home to practice each day.  Huh.  It might be a long and noisy year.

*This is one of my favorite commercials lately:

*Baby:  "Mommy, will you  help me get a six-pack?"
Me:  "What?!?!?"
Baby:  "I want a six-pack."
Me:  "Baby, do you know what a six-pack is?"
Baby:  "Yes.  It's when you have really strong muscles in your belly button."
This kid cracks me up.  And I'm so thankful he wasn't actually asking me to take him to the liquor store.

*Little Middle had to leave his iPad at school yesterday because of some technical glitch that prevents all of the safety settings from operating correctly.  This is a real bummer for him because it's a 4-day weekend.  

*I almost never go to Wal-Mart anymore.  I typically shop for groceries at The Kroger, and anything else we need is a good reason for a Target trip.  But yesterday, I stopped at WM to pick up a few things for Goliath's trip and some food items.  When I got home I realized that I was missing a bag and I had to go back.   Of course, they couldn't find my missing bag, so I had to retrace my steps and pull everything off the shelves again.  I am affirmed in my decision to NOT shop at Wal-Mart.

*My usual Kroger is undergoing a major remodeling project.  I'm certain that it will be lovely when its finished, but right now I can't find anything.  They moved the coffee into the health food section and the cereal is next to the canned vegetables.  Huh?

*The 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination is coming up next month.  There's an app for that, courtesy of the local NBC station.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that, but it seems disrespectful and unnecessary.

*Goliath's middle school sent home information about the upcoming Middle School Parent University event.  This is a repeat of the one I attended back in May.  I will not be attending this round of MSPU--or any others, EVER.  It only takes one try to freak me out.

*I don't understand the zombie trend.

*Halloween is 3 weeks away, and I have done zero work on costumes for the cowboys.  Maybe they will dress up as zombies.


Tammy Fort said...

Allyson, you are just one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! I love you and hope you have a great day today. Hugs from Houston.

Anonymous said...

Allyson, have been following all your blogging and thinking of you often. You are a true inspiration. Please blog soon so we know how you are doing. Stay strong