Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Ninth Edition

Sleep, oh sleep,,,where for art thou, oh sleep?

*First things first:  I hated sixth grade math in 1987, and I still do.  Decimals are my nemesis..  I desperately want to tell Goliath that he will never actually use this skill in real life, but I realize that might be overstepping my bounds with the math teacher. You and and I know the truth.

*As long as I'm on a school soapbox, let me just throw this out there:  Those reading logs?  Tiresome..Seriously.

*I turned on the lights in the kitchen early last week and nearly stepped on a gecko. Ewwwwww.  I immediately took refuge on the top of a chair and summoned Little Middle to save my life.  Turns out the beady-eyed little guy was already dead.

*I love the beginning of school.  LOVE!  There is something so satisfying about buying a fresh box of crayons and a notebook with crisp white pages, just waiting to be filled.

*I wish I was still teaching.

 *Our school district not only acknowledges that technology is the way the world is going; they embrace it  wholeheartedly and are encouraging students to do the same. Within a few years, every student in the district will have an iPad.  The iPads will be distributed just like textbooks.  Students are expected to use their iPad for educational purposes, both in and outside of school.  4th graders are in the first wave of iPad deployment...Little Middle is beyond excited!  All we hear from him is "When I get my iPad, I will..." and "Can I download _____________ game on my new iPad?" and "My teacher said I don't have to share my iPad with my brothers!".  For the love of all things Apple--hurry up, iPad day!       

*My sons'  teachers spend more time with them than I do.  Their paychecks should reflect that, don't you think?  I don't understand WHY we pay a guy millions of dollars to catch a football, but beginning teachers make somewhere in the neighborhood of $35,000 (if even that much).  CRAZY.

*I also do not understand a world where Kris Jenner manages to get her own  talk show.  What does she possibly have to talk about?!?

*I saw a nun driving a F150 pickup truck one morning as I was taking the little boys to school. 

*In church during the sermon, Baby leaned over and whispered in my ear, "What is a belly button for?"

*I watched the new show Uncle Grandpa with the boys on the Cartoon Network.  I swear that I could hear my brain cells dying.

*The Summer of Shakes at Sonic is over, and I only had one shake.  Fail.

*I put out my fall decorations yesterday.  Well, everything except the candles in my lantern on the front porch.  I am afraid that those will melt.  Texas doesn't know that it should be cooling off by now.

*I wear a patch that is time-release pain relief.  The regular pills (even the heavy-duty stuff)  just don't cut it anymore.  Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the patch is itchy skin.  Hello, Benadryl.

*Hubby and I have both accused the other of talking in our sleep..  However, I think he won the prize on Monday morning.  My alarm went off at 5:45.  He immediately said, "Your table is up next!"

*Goliath is selling cookie dough for a band  fundraiser. In a few short weeks, Little Middle and Baby will join in, trying to earn money for their school.  Ugh.

*My new favorite snack is banana chips, dark chocolate-covered raisins, and cinnamon/sugar almonds.  Toss a handful of each into a sandwich bag, and VOILA!  Portable yumminess!

*My goal for the new school year is a pretty lofty one.  I am determined to pack healthy, more interesting lunches for the cowboys.  Packing lunches is #2 on my List of Hated Chores, beat out only by laundry.  I got into a bad habit last year of making sandwiches and tossing in a bag of chips,  the occasional applesauce, a juice box, and some type of dessert.  Every. Single. Day.  So far this year, I've done pretty well.  My boys are feasting on carrots, fish sticks, cornbread muffins, fresh fruit, and their favorite:Waffle Wednesday.

*Gus the Terrible has not been quite as terrible lately.  I wonder what is going on inside his little.dog head.

*I wonder if CL:R.really works the way the commercial claims that it does.     

*"If we could look into each other's hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care." --Marvin J. Anderson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Jennifer said...

Several things:
1. We decided to do away with reading logs on our team this year. There was ACTUAL applause when I announced it at parent orientation.

2. We get our iPads on Thursday. My kids cannot wait. Weeks of saying "when they get their iPads, we could do ..." are about to come to fruition. I am scared.

3. I'm teaching decimals for the rest of the week. In the middle of iPad days. Lord help us all.

Giggles said...

My husband once ask me to solve a math question in his sleep. He was a math teacher and I am allergic to math! If I remember correctly, I gave the correct answer. Of course it didn't count because he was asleep!!

Reckless said...

1. CL:R is pretty awesome.

2. My friend(from middle school in Houston. TX) packs her children amazing lunches and then posts them daily on facebook. I'm going to see if I can get some of the pictures to you because they are pretty inspirational. However, if you post your kids lunch on Facebook everyday, I will come to your house and hurt you.

3. You are on the list of my favorite people. Which is a short list these days, my friend. Love ya. :)

Allison Roorda said...

Hi Allyson,

We do not know each other, but we share a name and the fact that we have have 3 boys. I look forward to your blogs. Praying for you.

Allison (spelled wrong)