Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Blessings

37 Reasons I Am Thankful On This Birthday

1.  A Little Debbie snack cake makes a beautiful birthday cake if your son sticks a candle in it.

2.  Chips and quesadillas are delicious.  Chips and quesadillas shared with great friends while the kids are at school are even better.
3.  Birthday money = retail therapy.
4.  Watching a congregation of neighborhood children playing with my cowboys out my kitchen window means smiles all around.  (Until the boys "kidnap" one of the little girls, duck tape her legs together, and tie her to a chair.  You know, to "force the criminal to talk."  Then some of us were not smiling.)
5.  New cowgirl boots.  They are sassy, they are pretty.  I stomped all around the town in them.
6.  The softest throw blanket you ever did have the pleasure of touching is now draped over my sofa.
7.  Once upon a time I made Little Middle go into Charming Charlie with me as a punishment for bad behavior.  Guess where Little Middle went shopping for Mommy's birthday present?
8.  Baby picked out a cookie recipe that he wants me to try for him from the new cookbook he gave me.  I will do it asap.
9.  Dinner at one of my fave restaurants with my four guys.  We went around the table and everyone said what was the best part of their day.  Hubby said, "right now," and I agreed.
10.  Hundreds of well wishes via text, Facebook, and email.  Literally hundreds.  Mind-blowing.
11.  Pretty jewelry from friends that care.
12.  Two different friends brought their daughters by my house to deliver notes that they had written me.  They are not birthday-related; they are of the "I care about you" variety.  Those are treasures.
13.  I have a two-year-old friend who, when asked what a walrus says, replies, "goo goo g'joob."
14.  Snail mail from my grandparents with the classic $20 bill inside.  It still gives me warm fuzzies.
15.  My Goliath took his buddy to Target to help him do "woman shopping."  Together, they picked out a dress that I adore.
16.  Both my brother and my sister called me.  I love it that we are important to each other.
17.  This is the birthday verse my mom gave me:  "She is clothed in strength and dignity.  She can smile at the days to come."  Proverbs 31:25  May it be so.
18.  Sweet knowledge that I am prayed for by so many, so often.
19.  My husband, with a little help from a knowledgeable friend, purchased the most amazing new purse for me.  What a fun surprise!
20.  I got a birthday card from Reese the Niece.
 21.  As we left the restaurant after dinner, Little Middle said, "Thanks for dinner, Mr. Dad.  And thanks for being born, Ms. Mom."
22.  My dog-nephew also called me.  Yep.
23.  I found so much to laugh about today.
24.  There is a new worship CD in my car.
25.  I felt like a normal person today.  That's huge.
26.  My man has a special group of friends who help him, love him, and partner with him.  We are both immensely blessed by them.
27.  I am looking forward to a fun outing with the Tuesday Sisters tomorrow night.
28.  Abby Dog ate a used cupcake liner this afternoon and seems to be no worse for the wear.
29.  Bedtime prayers were extra-sweet with my little cowboys tonight.
30.  Medically, this birthday is a miracle.  I just can't help but think about how blessed I am to be here.
31.  I texted with my aunt and got to say something important:  that I want to be the kind of aunt to Reese that she has been to me.
32.  I am scheduling a day away this week.  Away from the walls of the house, away from The Sickness....away.  It's a good thing.
33.  Every time the boys and I listen to the Cookie Monster "Share It Maybe" spoof, we all crack up.  Especially on the "Me look at you and me see, you like an elf in a tree" line.
34.  I consumed more food on this one day than I have in the last week put together, and my stomach seemed to be OK.  Grateful doesn't begin to describe it.
35.  My Goliath made everyone's lunches for school tomorrow.  That is one of my most hated chores.
36.  Tomorrow the cleaning lady is coming.
37.  I have hope. 

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Dawn McIntyre said...

Happy Belated Birthday Allyson. And here's to many, many more! Thank you for sharing your blessings from this day, and for family being the most important (even though the purse needs a picture!) The cupcake on niece Reese's outfit it just too cute. Such attention to Detail our Father has, and how wonderful that He used so many to show you how much He loves you and lavishes on you! May the blessing of the day be carried over for a long, long time...