Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hair Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on my hair. Most of ya'll are too polite to ask about it, but the subject still comes up every now and then. So, here's what inquiring minds want to know: My hair is growing. In fact, I got it cut a few weeks back. I didn't cut it because it has grown to an unmanageable length, though. Don't get too excited! I cut it because it will grow faster and better if I do some upkeep on it, or so I am told. What I secretly am hoping for is that there will be magic in those scissors, and it will begin to grow in a completely new way. What's coming in now is a weird texture (curly) and a weird color (mud). I much prefer my old texture (straight, at least with the help of a flat iron) and my old color (salon-blonde). That's what my "pretend" hair is, and that's what I will wear until...well, until I say otherwise. The curly mud grows on, though, all crazy-like--so much so that it must be restrained these days. I have to wear a grippy headband-type thing to hold it back before I smush it all up inside the pretend hair. Wig-wearing was easier when I was completely bald!

I wish I could say that looking in the mirror is easier these days, but that wouldn't be exactly true. Besides the mop o' mess, I am annoyed at the pasty white color of my skin. I am disgusted by the weight I lost last year and have managed to put back on (The Sickness and I will share the blame on this one). I have HAD IT! with the little zit that keeps showing up on my chin, regardless of how often I wash my face. I'm not 14 anymore, for crying out loud!

For as long as I can remember caring, I have always wanted to __________. Have better hair...lose weight...apply makeup like an expert...have clear skin...update my wardrobe--you can fill in the blank with almost anything that equates with prettiness. I don't feel much more comfortable in my body as a grown woman than I did in the awkward-for-everyone adolescent stage.


The Sickness has forced my hand in a lot of areas, but this is a big one for me. When Goliath was a baby, I used to recite this Bible verse to him (we had fun hand motions and everything!):
"I will praise you, O Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and my soul knows it full well." Psalm 139:14

Now, if I could be so easily convinced that God took perfect care to weave my son together, what makes me think He would just toss together a few ingredients and hope for the best when it came to me? And if I could so readily and easily praise Him for the three miracles that are Goliath, Little Middle, and Baby, why would I neglect to praise Him for the miracle that I am?

Any good 12-step program will tell you that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I have a problem with my self-image. The next steps in my "recovery" can be found in the pages of my Bible, where it says that I am special and loved...cancer, curls, and all.


Hub said...

Well I for one think your beatiful and look great, your cute as a button with that new hair.

Anonymous said...

Glad it is coming back. I'm sure you are gorgeous with curly hair. Clint I am so glad you are so sweet!! Have a great day! Liz/Mom

~*Dawn*~ said...

Every time I tune in to your blog, you touch my heart, and remind me of what's important. definitely not the "superficial." great news to hear you have "new hair" Praise God! HUGS ~Dawn Ramkissoon (SCBC-friend of your mom)

Carlotta said...

Expectations of ourself are so complicated. I struggle right along with you trying to find the balance between what our culture plants insides my heart about what I should be and how I measure myself. The struggle definitely doesn't end when we become 'adults' (and neither does the acne apparently, in my case). I try to flip it and look at it from the perspective of if one my sons came to me and used the words that I use to describe myself. My heart would break for him and I would instantly see the lies that they believe to be true. Here are some links of video that are good food for thought:,, You are beautiful my friend.

Carlotta said...

And one more for ya:

Michelle Burleson said...

Curls ROCK! Take it from someone who knows. :) Love you friend!