Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disney: Day 3

We spent Day 3 at Disney World at Animal Kingdom. I was particularly excited about this day for 2 reasons: 1) My Little Middle is an animal lover! I knew that he would have the best time at the park...and 2) It was Goliath's 9th birthday!

We had breakfast inside the park at the Tusker House restaurant. What fun for my birthday boy to meet some important friends first thing in the morning!

My future veterinarian is ready to get going.
This guy was interesting both to look at and listen to.

One of the first things we did was head for the Kilamanjaro Safari ride. We loved this attraction that epitomizes Animal Kingdom! It was amazing to see all those plants and animals up close and living as they would in their natural habitats.

Another favorite ride was in DinoLand. The TriceraTop Spin is similar to the famous flying Dumbos in the Magic Kingdom. Mom and I laughed hysterically at how silly we must have looked riding this over and over again!
You can't celebrate your birthday at the Animal Kingdom without getting your face painted.
In order for all the creatures to be fed and cared for, the Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks. Little Middle was bummed about that, but the four adults were fine because we knew what was coming later that night: a BIG birthday surprise! We went back to our hotel and as soon as we had all cleaned up a bit, we were off again. One bus, one monorail, and one short walk later, we arrived on the dock at Bay Lake. This was waiting for us:

It took Goliath a moment to understand that the awesome boat with the Happy Birthday banner was for him. As realization spread over his face, a big smile broke out. He wasn't the only happy one!
This birthday boat tour was amazing! The only other person on board besides our family was Austin, the skipper/tour guide. He took us all around the lake, pointing out different Disney properties and attractions. We enjoyed snacks and drinks while Austin shared interesting Disney World tidbits. He was great with the boys!

After a while, Austin positioned the boat where we had a spectacular view of Cinderella's castle. At exactly 8:00, the fireworks show began. We didn't say much while we watched--we were all transfixed by the magic!

As the last fireworks erupted in the night sky, I'm sure Mickey himself could hear the sigh of contentment come from our boat.

Austin docked the boat and we all climbed out. Goliath handed his life jacket over, and said, "That was the most awesome birthday I've ever had." I will never EVER forget my boy's pure happiness on his special day.

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bhayes11 said...

That is one incredible fact paint job. Love it - remember the magic!