Wednesday, September 3, 2008


*The week before school started, Hubby and I were going to Austin for a leadership conference for the young adult Sunday School class we teach (to be fair, he teaches. I bring breakfast and provide moral support). We went to Houston first to visit family and leave the boys with my parents. As we were kissing the boys goodbye, I noticed Baby's nose was bleeding...? NO, that was runoff from the Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly he stuck up there. We ended up taking him to 24-hour urgent care. All that got us was a referral to an ENT at Memorial Hermann hospital the next morning. The same morning we were to be in Austin. The specialist couldn't see the jellybean, Baby told us he took it out and ate it (gross!), and we missed most of our conference.
This is a picture of me on the phone with the hospital. My man thought someday I might look back at My Life's Most Stressful Day and laugh. I don't think so.

*I am reading John Piper's Desiring God. Good stuff. I much prefer it over the in-depth study of the book of Zecheriah I am doing with my Tuesday night Bible Study group. Sorry, girls. Prophecy just isn't my thing.

*Speaking of my Bible Study, we are having our first annual Girls Getaway in a couple of weeks. Considering we've met together in some form for about 7 years now, I say it's high time! Those ladies are precious to me and I'm very much looking forward to a fun weekend with them.

*We painted our living room. It took 2 full days and extreme patience, but it's well worth it.

*My Chi flat iron stopped working. I am very upset about this.

*Baby has been running around in the buff for several weeks now for the sake of potty training. He does GREAT when he's naked; it's when he must wear clothes that he seems to "forget".

*I detest potty training.

*I am in desperate need of a good color/cut hair job. My hairdresser is booked, and I had to wait almost 2 weeks to get an appointment! Every day seems to be a bad hair day.

*Nigel the bunny rabbit likes watermelon.

*I want to be covered in the dust of my Rabbi.

*My husband has a real heart for the young adults in our church. He has a vision and really wants to make a difference. I love him for this.

*The first day of preschool is next Monday. Big day for Little Middle, Baby, and me! My class this year is younger than what I had last year. I am trying to be positive about this. Thank God for Shannon!

*My friend Amilee is getting married this weekend. We haven't been to a wedding in a long time, and I am looking forward to it!

*I am a little sad to see summer come to an end! Usually, I can't wait for school and all the routine that comes with it...I had an excellent summer with my man and our boys. I will miss being able to just hang out with them without anything pressing going on.

*I think it's awesome that Little Middle has way more girl friends than boy friends. My son is a player!

Little Middle and his Women

*While we were in Houston, my grandmother turned 84. She wanted to throw herself a birthday party, so we had one--at the Incredible Pizza Company (a glorified Chuck E Cheese).

*3 more weeks until The Office!

*Blue Bell has a new flavor out...Snickerdoodle! I don't know why they didn't think of it before, but I can't wait to try it!

*Goliath's new teacher does not plan to assign homework until the second 6-weeks! After Ms. L, the Kindergarten Nazi, I am stunned.

*Goliath is playing fall baseball.

*I have been disappointed with the clothing selection at Target as of late, but I found a cute denim skirt I Wal-Mart. This goes against every fashion shopping rule I have.


3 Girl Mommy said...

OK, here goes...

*You will laugh about the jelly bean b/c really, it's just need some time, tell that boy not to eat ANYTHING that comes out of his nose! :)

*Girls getaway...AWESOME!! I would love to do one to NY some day!

*I can't wait to see the painted LR, I bet it looks great!

*Bummer about the flat iron, I would have nothing but bad hair days w/o mine.


*I have to make my hairdresser appts. at my visit for 8 wks out other wise I could have a hard time getting in. The things we do to be pretty! :)

*My girls LOVED "bunnysitting" Nigel, they want to know when he's coming back.

*That's great that your hubby has such a passion for the young adults, I'm sure he's making a real difference in their lives.

*Looking forward to CDC starting, but a little worried about having a younger age. We'll get thru it together. :)

*We haven't been to a wedding in forever either, but we have my sis-in-law's brother's coming up in Oct.

*We had a GREAT summer as a family and with our friends, kinda bummed to see it go!

*Cade and his girls...he is quite the playa!!! :)

*How fun to celebrate your Grandma's birthday with her. And how cute to have it at the Incrdible Pizza Co. I bet the boys loved it!

*Never watched "The Office"...heard it's pretty funny though.

*Snickerdoodle ice cream sounds WAAAAY yummy!!

*Second week of school and we're already bombarded with the homework. How many days till summer????

*We'll have to come watch Goliath play baseball. The girls would love it! We really need to get them involved in some sort of sport.

*I'm in agreement over the Target clothes selection lately. Even in the girls section I haven't been real impressed. I'm not opposed to WalMart though, sometimes I think they have some cute things.

There you have it! Don't wait so long to update and you won't have such a long comment!! :) :) :)

Love you!!!! :)

Kandice said...

you crack me up..that's all I can say!!! Thanks for the update though...and..FYI..only 2 weeks until The Biggest Loser..which I have already cried at..the commercials for the show get me teary EVERY time!!!

Clym Yeobright said...

I enjoy this.

Momma Wolg said...

too funny, thanks for the laugh...remember, we have to laugh, so we won't cry sometimes.

Sorry about the bad hair days...want to borrow some? hee, hee

Look forward to the girls night away :)


Geeding said...

- I actually use to use a Chi flat iron when I had shoulder length hair.

- I can't believe I now shop at Wal-Mart for clothes. I'm old.