Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last Thursday morning, my Grandad went to heaven to be with Jesus.
Dear Grandad,
It was really hard to say goodbye to you yesterday! I miss you so much already, but I am so glad you are with Jesus.
You would have been pleased with the service. There were SO many people there--you really packed the place out! People came--most of whom I didn't even know--to pay their respects to you and share how you had touched their lives. It was so obvious that you made an impact just by living your day-to-day life. You weren't in the spotlight much. You weren't wealthy or famous or political. You just loved life and by being yourself, you made a difference.
You loved all of us, too, and here's the culmination of what you taught your family: After the graveside service, as people were leaving, your family had an impromptu singalong. We joined hands and stood in a big circle by your casket...did you hear us singing "Blessed Assurance?" I changed the words a bit to say "This is OUR story, this is OUR song, praising OUR Savior all the day long." That is the gift you gave us: Although we are sad because we don't have you here with us anymore, there was great rejoicing for all of us because we know exactly where you are. I told
Goliath that I'm not sad for Grandad at all; I'm only a little sad for myself.
What is it like in heaven? Do you have your own workshop in your mansion? Are your hands big and strong again? Are the Gaithers playing over loudspeakers all the time? Do you have the ultimate video camera? Did you hear Goliath praying for Gran last night? Are you hanging out with Jesus?
I am so proud of you! I promise that I will do my best to carry on your legacy and keep your memory alive for your great-grandsons. They will miss you, too. Thank you for knowing them and loving them, and investing part of yourself in them.
Know that there is an empty place here without you. You were a great man who lived a good life. You can not be replaced and I am holding tight to our memories. Yesterday was not so much "goodbye" as "see you later."
I love you.


BagOfNothing said...

I'm sorry to hear about the passing, but thankful you were willing to share this letter. Makes me want to write one to both my parent who are no longer here on earth.

Bethany said...

Well said! I am very tearful right now! I also am inspired to write letters to my loved ones. If only we took the time before it was too late! Love you!

Gran said...

I love you for these heartfelt words about your Grandad. Every thing will be OK. Love you more than you know.

Kandice said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandad. Thanks for sharing your heart once again!!!

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