Friday, December 14, 2007

...And For You, Geeding!

It has been a crazy day. I can not over-emphasize the chaos. It was the final day of preschool before Christmas break. I should have known we were in for it when we realized first thing this morning that January lesson plans were due TODAY. Somehow my rock star co-teacher and I managed to do a month's worth of lesson plans, put on a Christmas party, stuff 11 gift bags for our kids, and keep our heads from exploding all in ONE DAY. I am exhausted.
While I wait for my blood pressure to come down and gather my thoughts, I will direct you here. My old college buddy Keith runs this crazy blog, which is truly a bunch of nothingness. Kind of like Seinfeld online. He's giving me blogging advice--crazy stuff like "you should post at least once a week"!!--but he must know what he's talking about because BON is one of the top blogs in the country. Check it out...


Kandice said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have to go to school for 4 more days..AHHHHHH...I am sure I was not cut out to work you bunches

Geeding said...

FYI - once a week also includes those weeks with a holiday. your fans demand this.

also, i was talking about you the other day to WifeGeeding. instead of referring to you as Satan (it's an inside joke/term of endearment for your outsiders) I referred to you as Cancer Conquering Conner.