Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dear Baby,

Today you turned 2 years old. This birthday is bittersweet for me. I am excited to watch you grow and learn--you are changing every day! At the same time, I know you are the last baby I will have, and my sentimental mama heart mourns the end of your babyhood. It will just be a matter of months before we put away the crib for good, we say goodbye to diapers (well, that's not so sad), and we trade in the car seat for a booster.

Your vocabulary has increased at an alarming rate recently. There is nothing you won't say! We asked you all day how old you are. At first you would say "two" and hold up your little fingers. After a while, though, you got bored with it and started saying whatever number came to your mind. "Baby, how old are you?" "Fwee," you answered. Or "sebben." Or whatever.

It must be such fun to be you, as the world spins at your direction. You are funny and easygoing (most of the time). I would love it if you would eat something besides dry cereal and mac & cheese, though. Sometimes I think you just refuse to eat--no matter what it is--just to see if you can get a reaction. It amuses you if Daddy or I insist that you consume the food we put in front of you. Your refusal infuriates us, but your grin is irresistible. You did not have trouble with your birthday cake, though!

You are a lover! You remind me of the theme song from "Cheers"...sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. You're the guy who knows everyone's name! You will run to the ladies at church and hand out hugs freely. They eat you up! Nothing feels better to me than wrapping you up in my arms and receiving a big, wet kiss on my cheek. Every morning before Goliath leaves for school you ask for a hug from him. You have a sweet heart and you love people.
On this day two years ago, I had no idea why God sent you to be part of our family. All I knew, from the moment I laid eyes on you, was that you were wonderfully made and I was privileged to be your mommy. I still feel that way. My beautiful infant son has grown into a full-steam-ahead toddler. You stretch me, you melt me. You make me want to be better than what I used to be. You have brought great love and laughter into our home, little man. You will always be my baby.


Keither said...

Here's hoping the two's aren't going to be that terrible.

CRIM said...

you are so sweet and dear - and you make me wish I could be half as good