Monday, August 20, 2007


Hubby and I were reading the Bible last night, sort of randomly (do you ever do that? Just flip through and wait for God to throw something at you?). In my flipping, I ended up in the book of Job (appropriate, huh?). Job 33 tells of Job's friend Elihu offering "advice." Some friend. What struck me was not so much the verses I read, but the commentary about them in my trusty NIV Life Application Study Bible. It says this:

"Being informed brings a sense of security. It's natural to want to know what's happening in our lives. Job wanted to know what was going on, why he was suffering. In previous chapters, we sense his frustration. Elihu claimed to have the answer for Job's biggest question, "Why doesn't God tell me what is happening?" Elihu told Job that God was trying to answer him, but he was not listening. Elihu misjudged God on this point. If God were to answer all our questions, we would not be adequately tested. What if God had said, "Job, Satan's going to test you and afflict you, but in the end you'll be healed and get everything back?" Job's greatest test was not the pain, but that he did not know WHY he was suffering. Our greatest test may be that we must trust God's goodness even though we don't understand why our lives are going a certain way. We must learn to trust in GOD who is good and not in the goodness of life."
I want to trust the goodness of God, and know that at the end of the day, He is still sovereign. I want to rest peacefully, assured that He is taking care of things even if it doesn't seem that way. I want to have huge faith and live this life in such a way that I only point to Him.
Surgery 2 will be on August 30. Please pray that the next few days will be time well spent with those I love most!


Anonymous said...

Just a word of encouragement about your Dr. You are in expert hands both physically and spiritually. Dr. Munoz was my sister's Dr. beginning about 8 years ago and mine too. As you get to know him better you'll see his compassion and care. When Randy and I heard your diagnosis, we both said we wished that Dr. Munoz would be your doctor so I was so relieved when I heard he was. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you much, The Corbins

Kandice said...

I think about you daily..and am contacting every prayer warrior I know. I wish I could say that was me..but I usually don't feel like i am there yet. Maybe this is why I moved to that we could have another state praying besides just Texas...:) Love you

The Hortons said...

We are praying Allyson. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Allyson C., we raised you better than this. Our loving Heavenly Father is holding you in the cup of his hands, surrounding you and yours with his love, comfort, and his very being. Love you sweetheart. Ronnie & Lorene Young

Anonymous said...

Sweet Allyson, there is not an hour that goes by that I don't pray for you. You even invade my dreams. Would you please stop already??? I haven't been sleeping well! :)
Seriously, I have been in constant prayer, and my little prayer warrior, Brady, who loves his Mrs. Allyson, has now taken up your cross. We're praying negative thoughts away and will accept no other outcome than a complete recovery!!! You ARE strong, God IS good, and you WILL prevail! Have a blessed few days with your beautiful boys. I love you, precious!!

CRIM said...

i just love you - you inspire me to be great in HIM - as a mother - as a wife - thank you for sharing your faith

Anonymous said...

Monday will be a very hard day not seeing you at CDC. When we pray on Monday together as a group you will know that you will be lifted up. I know that God has somehing great to teach us at CDC this year
with all the changes. In his Love

AL said...

Allyson --

We love you and are praying for you!!!!

We pray for peace that passes all understanding as you go through this season in life.

I had a mass last year and know exactly how you feel about not being able to hold your babies. Andy and I have a son (Thomas) who will be 2 in 2 weeks.

We are here for you and even though we live several hours away, whatever you need we are there for you. We will do anything we can possibly do to help you.

My mom, Jay and his family and Andy's parents send their love and prayers!


lighthouse_lady8 said...

Hey friend! I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you (constantly) and have added you to every prayer list I know of.
Oh, and Jared is asking if his buddy had a good day at kindergarten, too? :)

We love you!
Michelle, Boyd, Jared and Kelsie